Intelligent Process

Without proper testing procedures to diagnose issues and to calculate estimated savings, is just plain irresponsible!  Our team has “seen it all” when it comes to energy efficiency or, perhaps “energy inefficiency”!  Our years of experience in the field has afforded us the opportunity to develop proprietary knowledge and skill sets to overcome construction flaws coupled with under performing HVAC systems and installations.

We start by taking baseline data measurements to determine the before and after data sets.  Dependent on the program we are implementing, we may contract out with a third party RESNET rater to perform the test in/test out data collection sets using REM software.  The data collected is submitted to the property owner per The Energy Reduction Plan with the associated recommended measures.  This ensures that work completed on your property is inspected by an independent third party, that the work completed passes the final inspection, and that the owner of the property will meet or exceed the estimated energy reduction targets set out in the Energy Reduction Plan.

Most utilities have their own specific programs and guidelines.  We have the ability and experience to accommodate varying specifics unique to each program.  Experience matters!

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