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Energy Efficiency and Comfort Whole House Approach


Comfort and Energy Efficiency go hand-in-hand.   Energy efficiency is a collection of parts to make the whole. We specialize in looking at your home as a system to improve the small things that add to increased comfort and energy savings.  A project may have 6 to 12 small items that together, will make a significant improvement.

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Home and Commercial Insulation Services


We do things a bit differently here at 360.  We do not  just "blow and go" with  an attic insulation job but treat your project to optimize energy efficiency.  You deserve an insulation contractor in Austin to go the "extra mile" with your project.  There is more to an attic insulation job than just adding or removing insulation!

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Weatherization Assistance Programs


  Local utility programs offer weatherization assistance for single family residences and multi-family properties.   Two of the programs are 100% funded by the City.  The other program covers 80% of the cost of energy efficiency measures.  These programs were created to assist with Affordable Housing issues in Austin ...

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Air Duct Improvements and Balancing


The grey flex duct was revolutionary in the '80's but as we have learned over time, it tends to degrade which leads to severe energy "inefficiencies".    The degradation occurs through extreme heat, UV light or rodents.  Fiber board duct systems also tend to degrade...

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Insulation Removal


  Sometimes accidents happen and insulation removal is necessary in Austin!  Whether due to too much foot traffic in your attic, rodent problems or a water leak., the job will be done correctly.   It is so important to seal the attic floor properly before adding new insulation and to properly disinfect the attic floor.  A good insulation company will ensure this is done properly. 

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Heating/Cooling HVAC


 We are unique in that we are not in the "AC Service" business or "Sell" a lot of units in Austin though we are licensed HVAC contractors..   As comfort and energy efficiency specialists, our goal is to save your units by making  energy efficiency improvements to where they do not have to work as hard.  If you have been told you need a new unit.......

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  I just retired from the Army and I have very high expectations of people.  Your staff exceeded those expectations as they were very respectful of my home, very professional and very knowledgeable.  In fact, I solicited bids for this work.  The others were trying to "sell" me $2,000 to $3,000 in upgrades.  You were a "straight shooter" and told me what I needed.  All told, after rebates, I spent $1,250.00 out of pocket.  You were the only contractor that I trusted.    

Jimmy Bruinsma - Austin

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