home performance with energy star

"If You Are Not Testing - You Are Guessing"

.......and comfort will soon follow.  When it comes to comfort and energy efficiency in Austin, there really is no quick fix.  Why install and spend thousands of dollars on a new air conditioner and furnace when the duct system is in poor shape,  the duct design is poor, the plenums are undersized, the house leaks like a sieve or with sub par insulation levels?


  • Are some rooms in the house warmer or cooler than others?
  • How are your existing insulation levels?
  • Is your attic breathing properly?
  • Does a certain room need more return air installed?
  • Are the penetrations sealed on the attic floor?
  • How leaky is the house?  Test with a Blower Door to gauge how the house is breathing.
  • Any open plumbing penetrations?
  • Are shared attic walls with the thermal boundary insulated and sealed properly?
  • Do you have grey flex ducts or fiber board systems? and the condition of the duct system?
  • How much are the ducts leaking and how much air is lost.?  Test with a Duct Blaster.
  • Do you need your stair box sealed or an attic tent?
  • Do you need a booster or direct duct installed for that furthest bedroom that is upstairs?
  • Too many ducts attached to a triangle box limiting airflow?
  • Test how much air flow is going into each room with a Flow Hood.

Not only do we perform a comprehensive visual inspection of your ENTIRE house, we also use diagnostic equipment (Duct Blaster and Blower Door) to get a before and after reading when the work is finished.

Energy efficiency and comfort is not just one or two items.  You must look at the house as a system of parts.  Most folks call this the "Whole House Approach".

                   Give us a call and we will "Get you tight and ventilate right".


you can't change what you can't measure