Insulation Services

"We Love Attics, We Consider it a Free Sauna"

 Any "Chuck in a Truck" can blow insulation., it is an unregulated industry.  Heck, you can even rent a machine at Home Depot and blow your own insulation!  Will this work?  Perhaps, but the best policy to ensure that your objectives are met is to hire a true professional who understands energy efficiency and how important the role of proper installation plays.  Check out how smooth our insulation levels are!

What We Do!

  • Install rolled insulation (batts) to protect all drain pans from insulation clogging your furnace drain lines and/or water heaters in the attic.
  • Clean out soffit vents to promote air flow.
  • Install baffles to promote air flow
  • Seal all penetrations in the attic floor.
  • Install attic rulers so you are confident the correct R Value has been installed.
  • Install an Attic Tag for future inspections.

We encourage you to do your research when selecting a contractor.  HomeAdvisor and Angies List offers some great articles on selecting a reputable contractor and how not to get ripped off!   If a company is a Participating Contractor in a Program (IE. Local Utility Providers) hold accreditation certificates or is licensed by the Tx. Dept. of Licensing and Regulation in other aereas of Energy Efficiency (HVAC)), it lends credibility to the company. 

Check out below how smooth our coverage is below.....



 Whether due to fire, water, mold or rodent damage, your existing insulation must come out as soon as possible from a health and performance standpoint.  If you have a rodent issue, additional damage can occur to your duct system and wiring. This is why time is of the essence.  Give us a call at your first opportunity so that we can make arrangements to get your attic back in good shape and performing properly.

What We Do:

  • Removal  process is safe, quick, and 100% GUARANTEED.
  • We  use our powerful vacuums with 2 catch boxes (for nails, debris) which eliminates down time due to damaged hoses.
  • Discard  the old insulation safely and without damage to your property.
  • Disinfect  the attic floor and place deodorizers throughout the attic area.
  • We  will seal all penetrations in the attic floor prior to installing new      insulation.
  • We will use dehumidifiers if necessary to dry out affected areas.


  • Customers  have reported improved indoor air quality
  • Customers  have also reported a decrease in dust, mold and mildew odors.
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