Insulation installation

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 Any "Chuck in a Truck" can blow insulation., it is an unregulated industry.  Heck, you can even rent a machine at Home Depot and blow your own insulation!  Will this work?  Perhaps, but the best policy to ensure that your objectives are met is to hire a true professional who understands energy efficiency and how important the role of proper installation plays.  Check out how smooth our insulation levels are!

What We Do!

  • Install rolled insulation (batts) to protect all drain pans from insulation clogging your furnace drain lines and/or water heaters in the attic.
  • Clean out soffit vents to promote air flow.
  • Install baffles to promote air flow
  • Seal all penetrations in the attic floor.
  • Install attic rulers so you are confident the correct R Value has been installed.
  • Install an Attic Tag for future inspections.

We encourage you to do your research when selecting a contractor.  HomeAdvisor and Angies List offers some great articles on selecting a reputable contractor and how not to get ripped off!   If a company is a Participating Contractor in a Program (IE. Local Utility Providers) or is licensed by the Tx. Dept. of Licensing and Regulation in other areas of Energy Efficiency (HVAC)), it lends credibility to the company. 

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