Multi-Family Affordable Housing Program

It's Good and it's True!

​​​​The Affordable Housing Program was implemented by Austin Energy on 5/12/2016 as a recommendation from the Low Income Task Force appointed by the Austin City Council.  

The first projects started in the Fall of 2016.   This program funds 100% of the energy efficiency improvements for those rebate measures listed below paid for from the Community Benefit Charge that each ratepayer pays on their electric utility bill from Austin Energy.  If a multi-family property is listed in the "Austin Tenant Council's Guide to Affordable Housing", these properties are automatically qualified for the program. 

 The only requirement that will disqualify a community from participating is if a community is posted on the Repeat Offenders List.  If your property is on this list, please give us a call and we may be able to assist you.

Please click this link to see if your community is listed in the "Austin Tenant Council's Guide to Affordable Housing".  (Scroll to Page 11)

Again, this is a 100% funded program and some of the Energy Efficiency Measures include:

  • Comprehensive duct improvements and sealing.
  • Attic Insulation 
  • Water Saving Devices Provided by Austin Water
  • Solar Screens 
  • LED Lighting to replace incandescent lighting.


Less Phone Calls - Less complaints about;

  •  Odors/Smells from adjoining tenants.
  • Less noise from adjoining tenants.
  • Less complaints about the apartment unit being too hot or too cold.
  • Less dust.

 Maintenance Staff - After sealing the duct system the air handler is pulling conditioned air vs. air through the walls, attic, or shared space with the adjoining apartment units.

  • Prolonged life of the AC system components.
  • Your maintenance staff is free to do other projects.

 Other Benefits:

  • Higher retention rates…….less make ready expenses.
  • Market to prospective tenants that your property is energy efficient (show them the plaques that will be furnished to you when we finish the job). Your MF ECAD AUDIT will be updated to show the energy efficiency improvements.


  • Improves CAP rate as less is spent on repairs and maintenance, improved tenant retention, and less make ready expenses.
  • Saves on utility bills for common areas and water savings.
  • Market the property as energy efficient.
  • Existing MF ECAD AUDIT is automatically updated to reflect energy efficiency improvements.


  • Utility savings.
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Less noise and smells from adjoining neighbors
  • A higher level of comfort.

To get started is easy!  Simply fill out a LEAD FORM and we will get the ball rolling for you!

Participation List - Affordable Housing Program

Feel free to give us a call and we will forward you the contact information for the below communities.  Please ask them what it is like doing business with us!  These are the most recent jobs we have completed.  We also have several hundred of other communities we have worked on and will provide you with the information that we have on file.

The following rebates consisted of/or…. Comprehensive Duct Sealing and Remediation, LED Lighting, Solar Screens, Water Saving Devices and/or Attic Insulation.

Jade Burgoyne - Regional Manager for Pinnacle Living
Collectively, the below communities received roughly $700,000 in energy efficiency improvements.  The improvements consisted of Solar Screens and Duct Sealing.  Oak Valley also received about 5,000 linear feet of new duct work.  We are currently determining LED lighting and attic insulation needs.
Primrose at Shadow Creek                 $   152,657.00
Rosemont at Hidden Creek                $  143,428.00              
Rosemont at Oak Valley                      $  299,896.00
Rosemont at Williamson Creek        $     79,612.00

Pattie Chandler - Manager Travis Park Apartments
Travis Park received roughly $124,000 in solar screens, LED's and comprehensive duct sealing measures.

Lloyd Moore - Manager Springdale Gardens
Springdale Gardens received almost $38,000 in water saving devices from Niagra Products, Solar Screens and comprehensive duct improvements.

Fran Rodda, Controller/Business Manager  Mary Lee Foundation  
We just completed the majority of the work for Mary Lee Foundation encompassing 14 properties.  They received free solar screens, water saving devices, LED lighting, attic insulation and comprehensive duct improvements worth just over $100,000.00.

Matt Albrecht - Owner   Serena Park, Goodwin Apartment Homes and Avalon Palms.
These properties received all measures.  All in all, these properties have received roughly $186,000.00 in improvements.

Becky Diaz - Guardian Mgmt.  Villas on Sixth    $   94,251.00
Received Comp. Duct Remediation and Sealing and LED light bulbs.  Soon we will be adding attic insulation.

Susan Peterson - Foundation Communities.
Though we have worked on roughly 8 or so communities for Foundation through the existing MF Program at Austin Energy, only SWT was able to take advantage of the newly created LIAH Program as the program was just created last Fall.  Susan is a new mother and has limited herself to very part time.  The best way to contact her is via email.
Southwest Trails                                  $   77,064.00

Angie Hargis - Austin Capitol Advisors -
Roughly 250,000 in improvements.  Solar Screens, Comp. duct remediation and sealing, water saving devices.  Soon, attic insulation will be added to several properties below.  Angie no longer is with Capitol Advisors but feel free to call her.

Villas Del Sol                                       $    107,321.00
Lantana Trace                                    $     75,622.00
Trifecta Square                                  $     32,369.00
Quail Creek                                         $     13,063.00
Great Northern                                  $       5,347.00
Galewood Gardens                           $     33,209.00
Bannister Place                                 $       5,368.00
Arbor Cove                                          $       9,941.00
Elm Park                                              $      10,611.00

Diego Silva - Huntington Meadows
Comp. duct remediation, water saving devices and solar screens.
Huntington Meadows                             $ 111,010.00