The Team

Pamela Strader


 After keeping us in line and running the show for the last 6 years, Pamela will be assisting property owners and managment in the Multi-Family Programs offered by local utilities. 

Tim Arndt


 Tim handles new programs, and initatives, communicates with local and state agencies and handles existing programs. 

Tim iis BPI certified .

Kevin Bell


 Kevin handles our Multi-Family Programs, Home Performance with Energy Star Programs and Low Income Weatherization Programs. 

Kevin is  BPI certified.

Ruben Murray


 Ruben is a co-owner with over 25 years experience. Ruben manages  the Home Performance with Energy Star Programs and the Single Family Weatherization Programs.  Ruben also assists in the Multi-Family market.

Ruben is EPA section 608 certified and NCI certified .

J. Moore McDonough


 Moore founded the company in 2008 and is primarily responsible for development and programs.   

Moore is BPI certified , NCI  certified and a State licensed  TDLR HVAC  mechanical contractor.

Roberto Contreras


 Roberto is  a co-owner and is onsite at all Commercial projects and manages the day to day operations out in the field with over 25 years of experience in weatherization and HVAC. 

Roberto is BPI certified, NCI certified, and a  State licensed TDLR HVAC mechanical contractor.

The Rest of the team

Rafa and Fernando, another job well done!


These two all stars have never seen a duct system or attic that they cannot handle.  Rafa and Fernando have about 15 years exerience  between them and will not settle for anything less than perfection.

Having fun in N. Texas!


Even freezing temperatures cannot keep us from working!


 Allelueh!  I cannot believe that when you turned on the AC in my apartment that the blinds on the sliding glass door started to move - that had never happened before.  We now have air and it is cold!  No more sweating through another summer and paying high utility bills.  You are going to save us some money.  I need to thank my landlord for calling you.  We are very comfortable.  Thank you .      Dwayne Square II      Tenant. 

 Sure glad my landlord called you!  I had no idea what I was missing - COOL AIR!  I cannot wait till I get my next utility bill.      Toni WIlliams      Tenant 

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